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Top quality commercial / residential door repair

Everything begins at the entrance of your house. You would always want your front door to open and close correctly. The hinges must be well lubricated to avoid a mishap. Door locks and dead bolts must always work perfectly to provide you the security and protection, serving the purpose of being installed. If you have a front door that is swollen because of the summer or rusted hinges and handles or if you have noticed a leak in the door that is allowing the air or sunlight to some in, it is definitely a sign that your entry door is calling for some repair work. With a team of highly skilled, prompt and courteous professionals on board we are here to take care of all your front door repair issues. Whether it is jammed doors that you find difficult to open or close or locks and bolts that need an experts touch to help restore your safety or even if it repairing or replacing rotted and damaged door frames, we do it all. We are your one stop solution for all your front door repair issues. Give us a call today and we will be on our way.

Patio Door Repair

Patio doors not only provide safety to your home but, whether made with wood for the ‘Classic Cottage Look’ or aluminum for a more minimal, ‘Contemporary Look’, as per your taste, can help complete the entire look and feel of any space. One of the easy access points into your nest could be patio doors and windows. We understand if something goes wrong with a door as big as that, it could lead to quite a panic attack. If the rollers and tracks of the sliding door you installed are jammed and your door wont slide open smoothly or if you have been putting up with a patio door that sticks

Storm And Screen Door Repairs

The addition of a storm door or screen door to the front door of your house is undoubtedly a great way to enhance both, the look and functionality of the entranceway. It not only makes your house look even more welcoming to each guest at your doorstep but also keeps dust out of the living room or the mud room to a very large extent. Not just that installing these even keep the outside warm air from coming in which helps bring down air conditioning costs drastically. However it is a must to keep a check on the mesh or frames and even the hinges and latches to make sure your screen door is doing its job perfectly.

Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors that refuse to slide is an issue that calls for immediate repair service. Jammed rollers and tracks or a door that don’t seem to shut properly will allow sunlight and dust to barge right into your pretty home. If the sliding door to your closet is acting funny, every time you want to get dressed it will only take a few minutes to get you flustered, trying with all you might to get the door to open. Check the roller and track folk, they must be rusted or full of dirt. They are screaming, HELP! Or wait have you just faced a break in? Did your door have to face a burglars attempt to get in and now sits there with a broken lock or handle?

Commercial Door Repair

Having on speed dial, a prompt commercial door repair or replacement service provider is just as important as having a professional select the perfect doors for your commercial space. Insulated commercial doors, high impact or high traffic doors used in big kitchens or doors for sound proof rooms of studios and rehearsal spaces, whatever it may be, hiring our services would mean calling for the best in the industry for repair or replacement requirements. If you have an immediate need for any commercial doorway repair or replacement or if you want to ensure that the entrance to your space is functioning properly,

Commercial Door Maintenance

We understand that the doors in any commercial space need to be checked on a regular basis. With so many people walking in and out all the time, the last thing you want is a mishap because of the faulty door hinge, loose nuts and bolts or rusted rollers of the sliding door you installed. Regular maintenance of commercial doors whether it is hinges, handles, locks, door closers, door seals, pivots, tracks, rollers, viewing panels, air grills, signs, door stops, door frames & panic bars ,if it's part of your door and is calling for change, is yet another service we offer. We ensure our professionals visit your site and check for any issues in any of the doors and fix them within minutes.

Access Control & Key Pad

In these times of digitalization, security systems have made sure not to lag behind. With advanced use of technology, enhancing your security and protection has been taken to the next level with access control systems and easy, keypad enabled security systems. So if you are looking for a the latest finger print, manual keypad lock or for a more swanky remote less entry to your home or for a CCTV installation to make sure everything is safe and secure at all times, we are here to help you get all your needs into action. Having partnered with a number of access control and keypad device manufacturers and dealers we help you with the best solution as per your need.

Industrial Glass Repair

Clear, shining, glass doors of any storefront or commercial space are so pleasing to walk through. With advanced technology you could now make doors open automatically. They are a sure hit with the kids to see doors open magically, with no one pulling it open for them. We are sure you care about the safety of all those who visit your space. Faulty doors can call for some unforeseen events to occur and that’s the last thing you want.So if you see your door not behave the way it should and if you feel the sensors are not working well enough, for smooth functioning we are here to give you impeccable industrial glass door repair service.

Emergency Door Repair

When building your house or commercial complex each builder makes sure the construction is such that generation after generation can reside or visit. However, no one can control climatic changes and unforeseen circumstances that may cause damage to the property. With climate changes doors get swollen and might not open or close properly. Sometimes extreme conditions may weaken the material used to make the door and could cause severe damage, making the door useless where it stands. Over time some parts of the hinges or bolts may be loose or rusted and your door may come off the pivot or hinges which could be the cause of a major accident.

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